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Simplest Way to Convert PDF to Kindle

Maybe you have feel annoyed to read Adobe PDF files on Kindle. Although PDF is the readable on Amazon Kindle, it may be not smoothly as other eBook format. We know that PDF can preserve the original layout of any document including text, drawings, multimedia, video, 3D, maps, full-color graphics, photos, and even business logic. Thus, it's often to feel that PDF slows down the device when you are reading PDF on Kindle due to its large size. Actually, we may convert PDF to Kindle, making a more comfortable eBook for Kindle based on original PDF file.

Often, people would like to convert PDF to Text or to MOBI for Kindle. The former one is smaller than other formatted files. It guarantees you a smooth reading experience on Kindle. While the latter keeps drawings, annotations, highlights, bookmarks, corrections, and notes, giving you great visual effects.

No matter which format you prefer, we need to choose a professional PDF to Kindle Converter as the assistant. The software which can convert ebook files with super quality will gain more appreciations. The convert we used here has the ability to convert PDF eBook files to both formats we mentioned above.

User Tips: Many prople are using to use "Save images as..." or "Screen capturing" method to extract images from PDF, which is eay to learn but low efficient. If you want to extract many images from batch of PDF documents, you can read the tutorial on how to extract PDF images.

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Quick Guide to Transfer PDF to Kindle

Step 1. Add PDF

Once you have installed this nice software, run it. When you see an interface as follows, load your PDF document to the interface of the software by pressing "Add Files".

add pdf document to pdf to kindle transfer

Step 2. Set Output Settings

Now you may set output format according to your needs.
To convert to Text, you need to choose "To TXT" as the output format in the left panel.
To convert to MOBI, choose "To eBook" and set MOBI as the output format.
If you want to choose a new folder to keep converted book, just change the output direction from "Output Direction".

Step 3. Start Conversion from PDF to Kindle

If you have finished all process above, just press the "Convert Now!" icon to start converting PDF to Kindle.

OK, we have finished all process now. The last thing is to import your converted eBook files to your Kindle device for enjoyment. Here, please feel 100% ease that this software will finish the conversion precisely.

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